Monday, January 17, 2011

Tips to Get First Page in Google Ranking

Go to first page of search results on Google is the goal of many webmasters. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, many are still doing bad things to improve their ranking.
It is not possible to obtain in the first 10 rankings on Google using a single strategy. To get a good ranking on Google you must work on all elements of your site.
Here are the five strongest factors known to affect the position of your site in Google search results:

Factor 1: Web Accessibility

It is useless to optimize your web pages so search engines can not access them. Your robots.txt file should allow search engines to visit your web pages. If your robots.txt file contains errors, so search engines will not index your website.
The HTML code of your web pages must be free of errors and your web server should return the correct response code. The content of your web pages should be readable by search engines.
Before you start optimizing your web pages, make sure search engines can read the contents of your web page.

Factor 2: site architecture

Google wants to show relevant Web sites in search results. Your site should not be a collection of copies of web pages that already exists. If you want to obtain first page rankings on Google, the pages of your website should be linked.
Your web pages must show Google that your site is relevant for a certain topic. All pages of your website must be linked. If possible, users must reach a page from your website with a maximum of three clicks.
The links and directory structure of your website should enable search engines to categorize the content of your website.

Factor 3: Keyword

Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important steps. If you choose the wrong keywords, you will not succeed in your online marketing campaign.
Optimize the pages of your website different key phrases. The more you optimize your site pages, the better.
Start with highly targeted keyword phrases that consist of many words, eg “Google first page positioning. When you have the best rankings of these key phrases targeted proceed with more general words such as “Google positioning.
When you have the best rankings for these key phrases, you can proceed with very general keywords such as “positioning”.
In general, targeted keywords have a conversion rate much higher than generic keywords, meaning you get more sales per visitor with “Google first page position” with “positioning”.
Also consider the type of visitors you attract with a keyword. These people are interested in information or want to buy?
Our company can advise you on the words that sell. We can provide the best keywords you should target in priority for your business.

Factor 4: content

Your site will be very difficult to get a better ranking on Google if it only offers articles and affiliate links can be found on dozens of other sites.
Differentiate your website from others by creating unique content and trustworthy. Write your own articles on the topic related to your website. Your site must be useful to users.

Factor 5: links from other sites

It is not possible to obtain high rankings on Google without having links from other sites. The more links pointing to your website, the more likely it is that your site has good positions in search results on Google. The links to your website should be on web sites trust and your business.
If a page Web site for your business is a link to your website then the effect of link ranking in search engines is higher than the effect of a link is unrelated to your sector.
He must also know that if you have links on social networks and that if many users add your website to social bookmark sites, then your site could merit a higher ranking.
A small error in one of these elements can destroy all your online marketing strategy. For this reason, it is important to know what you’re doing and not doing anything with your SEO.

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