Friday, June 18, 2010

Make best use of Manual Directory Submission

The main goal of any website owner is to increase the traffic to his website. One way of achieving the goal is to submit the website manually in web directories. Submitting the website manually includes visiting every directory one by one and submitting the link of the website manually over and over again. Several companies take the difficulty of submission on their own for a fee, thus solving your problem. The benefits of manual submission get along a far road as the directory entries are of best quality and pose a greater result of being accepted and indexed.
Website directories usually accept all kinds of websites and then categorize them into different categories. Visitors who are in search of new and interesting information on the internet often bump into web directories. The more the visitors to your site, the better will be conversion link. Though there is one automatic submission process which makes the process of submitting links easy and in short time, but it will be regarded as spam by search engines. Automatic submission will make hard for the website to have a good rank on search engines. These days, most directories have installed Google Analytics to track the submission made by automated software, so one needs to be careful.
Manual submission makes the website owner to have higher control over submission process. Moreover, you can become specific by choosing the categories wherein the link can be submitted which is not provided by automated submission. With the implementation of Captcha code, usage of automated submission will limit the number of directories where you can submit to. Thus, purchasing automated directory submission software is a sheer waste of money. It is better to submit the link manually. The time that the web directory takes for listing the site depends on particular search engine or directory used. Although the process is tiresome, labor intensive and cost effective to build, but it offers better control over submissions.
While submitting the link to web directories, all that is needed is to fill out a submission form and your conformation as well as following guidelines and terms. The most crucial benefit derived from manual submission is that the quality of content and link will always be reviewed by human editor, thus increasing the credibility of the site.
Before submitting the link of your website, it is necessary to make sure that one’s website is designed in right way to take most of the advantage of traffic that is directed by submission in varied categories. While submitting, you must write title as well as link text while utilizing niche keywords. There must be a brief description of the website written in effective and attractive manner. You do not have to repeat the words and remain factual all the time. The content in your website must be keyword based.
Manual submission of website link to the web directories brings in traffic to your site and helps in topping the charts in search engine rankings.

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